1. User icon 5 OLGA (Struharov)

    Great service provided, ;-)

  1. User icon 5 FLORIAN (Neu-Isenburg )

  1. User icon 5 BOJANA (Belgrade)

  1. User icon 5 KALEB (APO)

  1. User icon 4 MARKO (Novo mesto)

  1. User icon 5 ROK (ljubljana)

  1. User icon 5 MARIJA (Dubrovnik)

  1. User icon 4 DINA (ZAGREB)

    Everything was very nice and smooth. Even the big line in front of the store, I managed to skip because of the online booking and the equipment was already prepared. I was surprised with the price in the end, because tax wasn’t included while online booking.

  1. User icon 5 AIDAN (Villach)

    The staff were very helpful, even though I had booked for the wrong day! The equipment was good and the whole experience was quick and easy.

  1. User icon 5 SARA (Gračišče)

  1. User icon 5 ZORAN (Rabac)

    We booked online and everything was done quickly. The staff is very kind and we can only give them a big compliment. We picked up the equipment the day before so we immediately went skiing in the morning.

  1. User icon 4 SIMON (STARI TRG OB KOLPI)

  1. User icon 5 KURT (London)

    A totally welcoming and professional experience. From the expert attention to detail of the equipment, and complete ease of trying and hiring in a very well set up workshop/shop environment . Really liked seeing the Winter sports action on screen in the workshop.

  1. User icon 5 NINA (Liverpool)

    Very friendly staff, quick and impeccable service.

  1. User icon 5 JONATHAN (Bradford on Avon)

    Really pleased we found this rental shop. Convenient location and great service.

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